Premium Wedding MC Script Template now in orbit!

It’s finally here and available for immediate download!

Yes. After a year of work and loads of testing, we are delighted to launch our Premium MC Script Template.

Based on actual scripts we’ve used to emcee successful wedding receptions over the years, our Premium MC Script Template provides you with all the tools you need to host a well-managed wedding reception. No mess. No fuss.

At, we created this Premium MC Script Template to save you time and stress. We looked around at what’s available and were far from impressed. It seemed desperate MCs had two options: try to adapt the terrible free templates – hours of work with a cliched result – or pay up big bucks for a glorified ebook, bloated with space fillers and rehashed  stuff you could google for free.

We decided to go another way.

At at introductory price of just $2.99 – less than a coffee – you get exactly what you’re looking for: a complete, flexible, and fully editable MC script that you can download and use straight away, with no fluff or nonsense.

If you haven’t done so already (and most of you have!), we recommend you download our popular FREE MC Running Sheet template – the companion resource to this Premium MC Script. Together, the MC Running Sheet and Premium MC Script Template are designed to help you pull together a successful MC presentation package in under an hour.

Best of all, we designed the Premium MC Script Template and Running Sheet Template specifically to play nicely with all of our other free wedding MC resources. Our free wedding jokes, free wedding toasts and sayings, and free wedding poems give you a wealth of content that can be slotted seamlessly into the Premium MC Script to ensure your script sounds fresh and original, includes your personality and sense of humour and – most importantly –  is consistent with the tone of the wedding reception (i.e. the Bride’s views!).  As always, these resources are all provided completely free of charge and can be downloaded from our Resources page now. No strings attached.

And, finally, don’t forget to check for updates. We’re regularly adding practical tips and suggestions for wedding MCs and other wedding speakers.

We hope you find the MC Script Template useful and inspiring. As always, we welcome your feedback. Our email address is

Free Wedding MC Running Sheet Template

Best Wedding Speeches Now is a resource for people who have been asked to speak or give toasts at wedding receptions, but who are short on ideas or time (or both).  For aspiring and experienced MCs, we are now pleased to present a Wedding MC Running Sheet template.

We have collated and distilled our Wedding MC Running Sheet template from several real life running sheets, templates and scripts we’ve used to emcee wedding receptions over the years.  This Wedding MC Running Sheet:

  • will get you up to speed quickly on how good MCs fulfil their emcee duties at weddings (including practical tips and tricks);
  • provides any Wedding MC – experienced or not – with a framework to plan out the key events at the wedding reception in consultation with the Bride and Groom and their families;
  • contains a list of key events that make up a traditional wedding reception – so you don’t forget anything major (like cake cutting or the first dance!);
  • includes helpful suggestions about the order of key events – including the order of weddings speeches and toasts; and
  • will help you manage (or juggle!) your MC duties on the night and to keep the reception running smoothly and on schedule.

We have created the Wedding MC Running Sheet to save you time and frustration; and to help you manage your duties as MC and ensure the wedding reception is a tremendous success. Download it now!  You won’t be disappointed.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider purchasing our MC Wedding Script Template.  Packed full of useful content, our MC Wedding Script Template is the companion product to this  Wedding MC Running Sheet.  Together, the Wedding MC Running Sheet and the Wedding MC Wedding Script are designed to help you pull together a successful Wedding MC presentation package in under an hour.

MC tips – 5 things a Wedding Emcee must know or do before the Wedding Day

Master of Ceremonies, n. a person in charge of procedure at a state occasion, formal event, or entertainment who introduces the speakers or performers.

Emcee, n. a master of ceremonies. Origin representing the pronunciation of MC.

Most couples (read: Brides) put a lot of effort into their wedding preparations. Usually (though not always) much thought goes into selecting the right person. Being anointed the Emcee (or MC, if you prefer) may suggest the couple trust you to do a good job. Perhaps you have a natural gift of the gab.  Maybe you’ve always been the class clown. Someone might have recommended you from your previous emceeing of another wedding reception. Or maybe (just maybe) everyone else turned down the gig.

Whatever the circumstances of your appointment, here are 5 things every MC should know or do before the wedding day:

  1. Learn the full names of the couple and the Bridal Party, including how to pronounce them. If the family name is ten syllables long, break it up, write it down phonetically, and practice. There is no surer way to irritate at least half the guests than consistently mangling the Groom or Bride’s names over the course of the 5 or 6 hours.
  2. Consult the Couple (read: Bride) and agree each event in sequence, including the order of speeches. It helps if you know the traditional order of events at a wedding reception, as often the Bride will have been distracted by the thousand decisions she has to make about the content of the reception (flowers, tablecloths, centrepieces, etc), and won’t have had much time to consider the process (the MC’s job). But this isn’t your wedding. No-one will thank you for triggering a Bridezillan episode by accidentally (or otherwise) omitting the Maid of Honour’s acappella tribute to the Father of the Bride, or the Mother of the Groom’s heartfelt welcome to her new daughter-in-law.
  3. Find out when the reception venue will serve each course. For many families, big celebrations like weddings revolve around food and drink. One of your challenges will be to fit the wedding speeches around and between the courses. Usually, the Bride will have this information. But, if not, contact the reception venue yourself and have them send you the details.
  4. Prepare a detailed MC Running Sheet. If you don’t have a template, look out for our free MC Running Sheet Template. Combining the agreed order of events with the reception venue’s seating and serving timetable, and using the Free MC Running Sheet Template as a base, prepare a detailed Running Sheet, tailored to the Bride’s requirements. It should cover every moment and step from when you arrive to set up until the Bride and Groom have left. Include every detail, no matter how mundane. When it’s ready, run it by the Bride for final sign off.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the set up. Will you be presenting at ground level or from a raised podium? In front of the room, or from your table? Does the venue provide a microphone and, if so, is it fixed or mobile?  Will you have a lectern ? Does the couple need a digital projector and lap top to drive it (e.g a highlights DVD from the ceremony) and are you expected to run it? Will the music for the entrance, cake cutting, first dance and last dance be played by a live band, a DJ, or from a CD you bring with you? As we’ll discuss in later posts, knowing all these minor details in advance reduces pre-show jitters and allows an MC to take control of the event from the time he or she strides into the room.